Prospective Student FAQ

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Is the Master of Science for Professional Educators Right for Me?

The Master of Science for Professional Educators (MSPE) is a two-year program for practicing teachers who are seeking career advancement. Your cohort will comprise of teachers and education paraprofessionals who are motivated to learn about and apply the best practices in education to their work in their classrooms, schools, and districts. The program is 100% online, convenient, and application focused so you can pursue your master’s degree without any interruption to your career.

Our program draws candidates from diverse backgrounds. Our students have been general education teachers, special education teachers, and English language learner teachers, to name a few. They come from all backgrounds – public schools, private schools, and charter schools across the United States as well as across the globe.

What can I do with a degree in educational psychology?

When you graduate from the MSPE program you will have developed a diverse skill set including leadership, educational policy analysis, and instructional decision-making. The curriculum also includes an embedded Instructional Coaching Certificate. Many of our graduates typically continue within their current roles, however, with the knowledge and confidence gained during the program, they become leaders among their colleagues. Others pursue leadership positions within their organization or even pursue further education.

Can I continue working/teaching while I’m enrolled in MSPE?

Yes, you are strongly encouraged to continue working/teaching while you are enrolled in the MSPE program. Most of our students are practicing educators and our coursework is designed to complement the work you are doing. Our faculty intentionally plan assignments and projects that are relevant to your career and interests.

Can I take courses outside of the listed program curriculum?

Unfortunately, no. The MSPE program is designed as a cohort model where all students progress through the program and coursework together. The group work and collaborative model encourages students to support each other through the program to enhance learning.

What are the MSPE program tuition and costs?

MSPE is a 30 credit program, and tuition is paid per credit. Current tuition is $800 per credit. Students do not pay segregated fees. Learn more here. *Tuition and fees are subject to change each academic year.

Can I get a job at UW to pay for my tuition?

Students enrolled in the MSPE program may accept graduate assistantships at UW-Madison; however, they are not eligible to receive the tuition remission that is typically part of the compensation package for a graduate assistantship.

How much time should I anticipate spending on my MSPE coursework throughout the year?

We have designed our program to be flexible for our students. We understand and value that our students have jobs and families in addition to being graduate students. That said, MSPE is a rigorous program for motivated teachers, and high-quality graduate-level work does require a significant time commitment.  Our students typically spend approximately 12 hours per week for in-class activities.

What will my diploma say?

Your diploma will read “Master of Science in Educational Psychology.”

Current Student FAQ

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I’ve started the program, but I need to drop a course. What happens next?

If you are having trouble with the coursework, work load, and/or have outside factors affecting your ability to keep up or continue in the program, you will need to contact the Program Director Lisa Hegben and your instructor(s) and inform them of the circumstances. We may be able to work out arrangements to support you so that you may continue in the program.

If you must leave the program or drop a course, you will need to be aware of the deadlines established by the university relating to tuition refunds. You may not be eligible to receive a refund of all or some of your tuition charges, depending on the date you withdraw. Please contact the Program Director for additional information regarding these dates and the impacts of your withdrawal from the program.