University of Wisconsin–Madison


MSPE Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Am I a good candidate for the MSPE program?
    MSPE is a two-year program for practicing teachers who are seeking career advancement. Our students are PK-12 teachers who are motivated to learn about and apply the best practices in education to their work in their classrooms, schools, and districts. MSPE is a convenient and applied program, one that allows you to pursue your master’s degree while you continue teaching.The MSPE program seeks to draw candidates from diverse backgrounds; our students are general education teachers, special education teachers, and ELL teachers, to name a few. They teach in public schools, private schools, and charter schools across the United States and in international schools too.PLEASE NOTE: The MSPE program is NOT a program for candidates seeking teacher, administrator, school counselor, or school psychology certification.
  2. What can I do with a MSPE degree?
    MSPE students graduate from the program having developed diverse skill sets. After completing the MSPE program, some graduates continue teaching; with newfound knowledge and confidence, they become leaders amongst their colleagues. Some MSPE grads go on to pursue positions at the district level, and others go on to pursue further graduate education.
  3. Can I continue teaching while I’m enrolled in MSPE?
    Yes, you are strongly encouraged to continue teaching while you are enrolled in the MSPE program! MSPE students are practicing teachers, and coursework is designed to complement the work they are doing in their respective schools. MSPE faculty intentionally plan assignments and projects that are relevant to practicing teachers.
  4. What are the MSPE program tuition and costs?
    MSPE is a 30 credit program, and tuition is paid per credit. Tuition is $800 per credit. Students do not pay segregated fees. Learn more here.*Tuition and fees are subject to change each academic year.
  5. Is attendance at the summer residency required?
    Yes, attendance is required for the two-week summer residency on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. This two-week session allows MSPE students and faculty to connect face-to-face and engage in collaborative discussions around topics of education. This blended online AND face-to-face learning model allows MSPE students and faculty to connect and develop as a dynamic learning community.Summer residency is typically held in mid-July on the beautiful University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. MSPE students are asked to plan their summers (summer jobs, vacations, family reunions, weddings, etc.) with the residency schedule in mind.
  6. Where will I stay during the two-week summer residency session?
    The MSPE program arranges blocks of rooms at reasonably priced campus dorms and residence facilities for the summer residency. Upon enrollment in the MSPE program, students can choose to rent from these pre-arranged options. It is not required, however, that students stay in the campus dorms. Students may choose to stay with family/friends in the area, rent rooms from Madison area hotels or sublet apartments while they are on campus.
  7. How much time should I anticipate spending on my MSPE coursework throughout the year?
    MSPE is a flexible master’s degree program for professional educators. We understand and value that our students have jobs and families in addition to being graduate students. That said, MSPE is a rigorous program for motivated teachers, and high quality graduate-level work requires a significant time commitment.  Our students typically spend approximately 12 hours per week in class activities.
  8. What will my diploma say?
    Our graduates’ diplomas read  “Master of Science in Educational Psychology.”