University of Wisconsin–Madison

Why Choose MSPE?

That’s a great question – and one every prospective student should ask!  Here are three reasons to choose MSPE.  Don’t forget to see what our students and graduates have to say!


1. Our hybrid program is designed for practicing teachers working at a distance in Fall and Spring with both online and face-to-face learning in the Summer.

Faculty and staff work to make all content relevant to individual students and give students opportunities to create strong professional networks in web-based and face-to-face learning.

Here is what Katie, Student Teacher Training Supervisor in Pella, IA, said about MSPE:
MSPE enhanced my teaching through all the content studied and each of the projects completed. The work was relevant to each of our teaching situations and all papers and projects could be tailored to meet my needs as a professional and my students’ needs. From creating excellent curriculum units to effective end-of-term assessments, all the content and courses were designed to help my cohort become more masterful professional teachers.

And Chris, a sixth grade teacher in New York, NY, said:
“One of my favorite parts of the MSPE program was the summer residence. It was a chance to do in-depth work in person with my classmates and professors, and it was so pleasant being on campus. It definitely strengthened the program’s appeal.”


2. MSPE enhances career opportunities. Our students report being better teachers, having more career opportunities, and developing confidence to take on new challenges.

Tim, Fifth Grade Teacher from Stoughton, WI had this to say:
“The MSPE program helped me gain confidence as an educator.  It also allowed me to collaborate and learn from a variety of exceptional colleagues and instructors.  The coursework was engaging, interesting, and very relevant to educational issues of the day.” 

Betsy, College Instructor, Wheaton, IL reported:
“MSPE changed everything for me. I took what I learned and ran with it. My personal and career journey changed tremendously because of the program, and not to mention I made several lifelong friends that I still talk with frequently.”


3. Our University is a highly regarded institution of higher education, renowned for the scholarship and research of faculty and staff.  In the U.S. News and World Report’s rankings, the School of Education consistently ranks among the top schools in the country, and the Department of Educational Psychology is a leader among its peers.


Still have questions?

Let us know if you would like to talk with a MSPE alum. We are happy to connect you with a former student who can help you decide whether the MSPE program is for you. Or sign up for an information session!