University of Wisconsin–Madison

Summer Residency

During the two summers in the program, MSPE cohorts and instructors meet together on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus for two weeks (not including weekends) of collaborative learning. The MSPE Summer Residency is preceded by four weeks of online coursework and followed by two weeks of online coursework.

The two-week Summer Residency is mandatory. The face-to-face learning provides graduate students an opportunity to connect with UW faculty and classmates in a way that enhances the distance learning that takes place throughout the rest of the year.

During the Residency, students have face-to-face classes with their summer instructors.  In addition, students identify specific current issues in education to study during the Residency.  They learn from many well-known scholars on the UW campus through presentations and interactive discussions.

The 2017 dates for Summer Residency are July 17th-27th.

Visitor Information

Learning and Fun for the Whole Family

Students visiting from other parts of Wisconsin, other states, or other countries often bring their families along with them to Madison during the two-week Summer Residency. This is encouraged as long as child care is arranged during class times (9-4, Monday-Friday).

Looking for Activities?

Madison is the capital city of Wisconsin and home to the University of Wisconsin Badgers. As a MSPE student visiting from afar or as a returning Badger, you – and your family – will find so much to do here that you will be glad to have two summers in the program.

For further information, check out the websites for the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the City of Madison.