University of Wisconsin–Madison

Joel Amidon, PhD

Joel Amidon, an instructor in the MSPE program, is Assistant Professor of Secondary Education at the University of Mississippi. Joel’s interests lie in designing, enacting, and examining mathematics instruction that moves all students to work with mathematics to analyze, question, and improve their world.  Simply put, he is interested in thinking about what it means to teach mathematics as an act of unconditional love. He teaches the MSPE course “Engaging with Education Research” which provides teachers with basic knowledge and skills to prepare them to consume and analyze academic research.

Joel is a former MSPE student and teaching assistant, and he received his PhD in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Selected Publications

Amidon, J. (2013). Teaching mathematics as agape: Responding to oppression with unconditional love. Journal of Urban Mathematics Education, 6(1), 19–27. Retrieved from

Amidon, J. (2012). Don’t I know you? A misstep in teaching mathematics with and for social justice in a rural context.  Journal of Contemporary Research in Education. 1(1), 10-21.