University of Wisconsin–Madison

Kevin Cappaert, ​PhD

Kevin Cappaert is a lecturer in the MPSE program. Kevin teaches the course “Foundations of Educational Measurement.” The initial focus of this course is on the understanding of core concepts of measurement, assessment, and evaluation such as criterion and norm-referenced testing, validity, reliability, and measurement error. With an understanding of these concepts the course then discusses best practices for the creation of classroom assessments, evaluation of student performance in the classroom, and interpretation of standardized assessments.

Kevin has a PhD in Educational Psychology with a concentration in Educational Statistics and Measurement and a MA in Cognitive and Social Psychology. His primary research interest is to develop new methods, and evaluate existing methods, which detect differential item functioning (DIF). In educational testing DIF can be described as a statistical way to show that people from different groups (most often gender and ethnicity) have differing probabilities of selecting the correct response on a test, given they have the same proficiency levels.

In his current role Kevin is an Associate Research Scientist within the school division of Pearson in Psychometric Services. Kevin works as a psychometrician on the measurement and statistical aspects of the development, testing, and scoring of large scale standardized tests. Kevin has experience working with computerized adaptive tests (CAT), computerized multistage tests (MST), and online and paper fixed form tests. In his previous role he taught statistics, measurement, and assessment courses in the Educational Statistics and Measurement graduate program at UW-Milwaukee.