University of Wisconsin–Madison

Eric Camburn, PhD

Eric Camburn is a professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis. Eric teaches “Teacher Leadership and Learning Communities.” A major focus of the course is to examine different ways in which teacher leaders can support student and teacher learning.  The work of teacher leaders and those they support takes place in three nested communities—classrooms, schools and the community at large. Consequently, a second major focus of the course is to examine these three nested contexts and teacher leaders’ work within them. The course is designed to help students understand key concepts, theories, and models used in building and sustaining effective learning communities; and develop skills they can use to provide teacher leadership.

Eric’s research involves two related lines of inquiry: 1) investigation of factors that support instructional improvement, and 2) the use of survey methods for studying instructional improvement. Research in the second area has addressed how teachers’ learning opportunities affect their improvement efforts, how leadership, particularly teacher leadership, can serve as a resource supporting instructional improvement, and how comprehensive reform programs can support instructional change. Research in the first area has attempted to develop better methods for measuring the practice of teachers and school leaders.

For further information, see his department page.