University of Wisconsin–Madison

Application Process

Step 1. Write a statement for your Reasons for Graduate Study

  • You will need to upload your statement to the online application. Your statement should be approximately 3-4 pages, and should address the following topics:
    • TEACHING: current and past teaching experience
    • GOALS: goals for graduate study and mastery in teaching you wish to achieve
    • INTERESTS: specific topic(s) of interest in education
    • RECOGNITIONS: special recognitions or honors you may have received
    • TECHNOLOGY: information regarding your level of technology skills and your access to the technology needed to complete this degree program)
    • COMMITMENT and motivation to complete this challenging two-year graduate program
    • OTHER (anything else that you would like us to know about your special needs or interests)

Step 2. Complete the Online Application From and Select MSPE Program Option

  • Be sure to indicate your application is for the Summer Term.
  • When applying to the graduate school, you will need to select the correct program option in the Graduate School’s online application form. On the Application Information webpage of the form, select “Educational Psychology MS- Professional Educator MSPE” in the first drop down menu field.
  • NOTE: Be sure to submit the Graduate School application and Reasons for Graduate Study online. Do NOT mail any paper copies of the application materials to the Graduate School.
  • Upload a CV/Resume to the Graduate School application

Step 3. Request Letters of Recommendation

  • Two letters are required. At least one letter should be from a school administrator or department chair. Letters of recommendation can be uploaded via the Graduate School’s online application.
  • Enter the names and email addresses of your letter writers in your online application. An email invitation to upload letters and directions for uploading will be sent to your letter writers by the graduate school.
  • It is your responsibility to be sure your letters of recommendation have been sent.  Log onto your online application and check the Online Admissions Status Information System (OASIS) to verify that your letters have been received.

Step 4. Pay your Application Fee

  • Pay your application fee ($75 non-refundable) via credit card, wire transfer or e-check.

Step 5. Have your Official Undergraduate and Graduate Transcript(s) sent to Department of Educational Psychology (electronic or paper submissions accepted)

  • Your application cannot be fully processed until we have received your official transcript(s). We accept submissions of paper or electronic official transcripts. Photocopies are NOT accepted.

Paper Transcripts

Mail all official undergraduate and/or graduate transcript(s) directly to

Graduate Admissions
Department of Educational Psychology
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1025 West Johnson Street
Madison, WI 53706

Electronic Transcripts

  • Have your undergraduate and graduate institutions send electronic transcripts to
  • Be sure to provide the correct email address to your institutions.
  • Email us at to alert us that transcripts have been requested.
  • Log onto your online application and check the Online Admissions Status Information System (OASIS) to verify that your transcripts have been received.


The University of Wisconsin-Madison is currently updating their online application process, which may lead to technical difficulties. If you are experiencing any difficulty with the online application please email our Graduate Admissions Coordinator or call (608) 262-1427.