University of Wisconsin–Madison


MSPE is a two-year program that combines on-campus and online instruction. Our program follows a cohort model, with all students beginning in the Summer term and taking classes in sequence with the same group of students for both years. Students graduate in May of their second full year in the program.


Our curriculum consists of 30 credits designed to allow students to pursue specific interests within courses.

All courses emphasize practical applications and strategies for PK-12 teachers. We integrate courses from three School of Education departments:

Teaching Standards and Professional Development

MSPE students identify the Teaching Standards most relevant to their work; they use these standards as guideposts to increased mastery in their fields through MSPE coursework.

Students who have Professional Development Plans work with MSPE faculty to identify how MSPE coursework can be utilized to meet professional development goals.


Online Teaching and Learning

In the Fall and Spring Semesters, classes are conveniently conducted online, with web-based coursework and web conferencing. This allows teachers to continue teaching while completing their Master’s degrees at a distance.


Summer Residency

One of the most highly-rated features of students’ experience in the MSPE program is the Summer Residency.  The eight-week summer session classes involve both online and on campus learning opportunities. Students participate in web-based coursework for six weeks, and they also participate in two weeks of face-to-face learning on the beautiful University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.


The MSPE program requires that students maintain a 3.0 grade point average to receive a Master of Science degree from the Department of Educational Psychology.  We are in accordance with Graduate School GPA policies.